Reiki Energy Healing

Our aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that extends all around our body for about 4-5 feet. It radiates the health of our physical, mental, emotional, as well as spiritual energy.  Operating at a higher vibration nourishes our physical and spiritual bodies.

With higher vibrations, we feel and emulate, love, joy, hope and peace. Being human, we may feel these emotions at various points in our lives. The emphasis here is on being able to live from a place of higher vibration.

Physically, our bodies respond to a higher vibration with increased blood flow to tissues, muscles and organs. Oxygen is carried in our blood and to the various systems throughout our bodies, nourishing them more optimally.​

Reiki is a healing technique that gently harmonizes your energy systems including chakras and bioenergy systems to create balance, calm and peace.The energy helps to restore balance in the mind, body, and spirit. It treats the whole person and creates feelings of deep relaxation and peace.

The energy works with that innate part of us that knows where healing needs to take place. It is your biological intelligence that promotes the healing of a cut finger or a broken bone. Reiki simply amplifies this process. Reiki promotes the highest healing for us, and serves to boost our immune system to help prevent us from getting ill.

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