How many Sessions will I need?

The answer is that it varies depending on the nature of the problem and what you wish to achieve. Sometimes one treatment is enough, but in other cases several treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results. The latter is more likely to be the case if you have a chronic (long term) problem. 

Also if you have multiple issues that you require help with, obviously more sessions will be needed as there is only so much we can achieve in one session. Don’t expect you can get rid of a life-time’s worth of bad habits in one session.

You may just want one balance or relaxation session, or you may feel that you need regular sessions as part of your ongoing journey of personal and/ or spiritual growth. It’s rather like a massage for the soul! Healing on an energetic level can be likened to peeling the layers of an onion. Over a period of time we clear more and more issues and learn how to operate in a new and healthy way in the world.

I highly recommend regular sessions (with me or anyone else!) as the effects of regular energy balances are exponential, keeping you in peak condition and leading to deep and sustained changes in the your life.

How Long is a Session?