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5- How do you release negative energy / emotions?

We heal in layers. As subconscious belief patterns & flaws in the energetic DNA are located & brought to the conscious level, they are ready to be released. Simple breathing techniques, and visualizations allow for release of the blocked energy. Then your energy is balanced, & we replace the newly opened space with high vibrational Light, Love, & New Positive Subconscious Beliefs that are in your highest good.

7- What is generational / ancestral balancing?

Just as we inherit physical traits from our ancestors' physical DNA, we also carry some of their emotional DNA. Often times issues like depression, addictions, financial difficulties, & diseases/disorders run in families.

Do you ever think, "Why does that trigger me so much?" (Don't worry... It's not even yours. You inherited it generationally. You can get rid of it!)

Our cells have memory. That memory is passed down through our DNA & can sometimes manifest itself in emotional and physical ways. When these issues are addressed, they can be released, and you feel great peace knowing that you took part in breaking the chain, so that it cannot be passed down any further. The flawed thread of DNA is pulled from your family line permanently. By clearing out these blocks of energy, you are helping many of your relatives who may suffer because of that flaw. This fascinating study of science is called Biogenetic Decoding.

Our genetic code cannot be changed. It makes us who we are. BUT in the past couple of decades, scientists have discovered what is called epi-genetics. Our genes have an outer layer called the epi-genome. They "tell" your genes to switch on or off. Factors like diet, prenatal nutrition, stress/trauma, & environmental toxins make a literal imprint on genes that are passed from one generation to the next. With the help of emotional release, we no longer need to be a slave to our genes. We can literally take part in changing the outcome of generations. What a beautiful gift!

My INNERgy sessions are grouped into a new client Intensive, Follow-up, & Tune-up package. Packages work great, because sometimes everything that needs released and balanced doesn't come up in just one session, and later sessions can include some simple coaching tools, if needed. It is like peeling away onion layers, & your body needs time to process. 

Energy work is a simple way of finding the root issue & getting rid of unneeded clutter that is preventing your body from balance OR moving forward & progressing in your life's purpose... Once the lower vibrating / blocked energies are released, your cells then match the higher vibrating frequencies in your energy systems allowing your mind & body to function optimally.

Think of a computer... When it's overloaded with old software that's congesting the system, it eventually malfunctions. In energy work, we're getting rid of (uninstalling) old software. Then we're integrating (installing)new software, so that your "system" can begin functioning properly.

When we remove the negative, voids or holes are left. We replace these voids with Light and Positive ENERGY.

This may include Positive Affirmations, and integrating (plugging in) the energy of other positive elements and objects (like herbs, essential oils, colors, etc).